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1. 材料英语的翻译

1. 17-21 英语视听说(276学时;14学分)英语视听说是英语专业的技能课程之一,通过对各种比较真实的商务交际活动的视听语言材料的学习和操练,了解相关国家的政治,经济,文化和各种商务活动等方面的知识,训练学生的视听能力和组织语言进行口头表达的能力,培养学生从事商务活动的交际能力。
Said audio-visual English (276 hours; 14 credits)English audio is in English, one of professional skills, through the comparison of various communication activities in the real business of audio-visual language learning and practice materials, understanding of the relevant country's political, economic, cultural and business activities, such as knowledge, audio-visual training of students and organizations the ability to express oral language ability of students to engage in business activities communicative competence.

2. 材料英语的意思

2. 要扩充词汇量:这里指的扩充词汇量主要分3个方面——一是牢记考研英语大纲上的所有词汇,将其变为自己的词汇储备;二是背诵自己在阅读相关材料与分析长难句时所记录的出现频率较高的单词,记住这些词汇对参加各种英语阅读类考试绝对大有裨益;三是分类记忆,可以把一些单词进行归类,在考试前几周按单词分类进行冲刺记忆,效果最佳。
There are three sources to expand it, namely, the vocabulary include in Syllabus for postgraduate examination, frequently read English materials and classified words.

3. 材料英语的近义词

3. 我们先回顾以下英语学习材料的演变过程,近二十年来我们一直选用的英语学习材料充斥着不少以下内容
He yelled in response, Wait until dark, and I will shine my flash light across the river.

4. 所有辅助材料必须是英语或法语的。
IMM 5491 最上面写着:Supporting docment must be in English or French.

5. 这是一家网站的英语笔译测试材料其中的一句,全文如下
In an age of uncomfortable challenges, this is the reassurance that we all can use.

6. 从广义上来说,英语套语包括的范围很广,是语言研究中非常重要的言语材料。
Since formulaic language covers a wide range of subjects, it becomes a quite important element in linguistic study.

7. 但由于原材料涨价,我们不得不相应调整产品的价格。本文来自英语学习网
Because of the price hike in raw materials, we were forced to adjust our prices accordingly.

8. 将近所有的网上信息和超过一半的世界上的技术材料是英语的
Nearly all information on the Internet and over half of the world`s technical materials are in English

9. 这种外壳应该结构性内衬单结构、无线束绝缘材料,由夹层板或采用喷涂构成英语单词的否定前缀有哪些?- 2个回答 131次浏览
The enclosure shall be structurally lined with a unicellular, non-wicking insulation consisting of a sandwich laminate or applied by spray.

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10. 岗位要求具有三年以上海上/陆上油气工程及石化、化工行业的设计经验;拥有在总体布置、管道走向、管道布置图、ISO图、材料表和管道支撑的设计经验;熟悉相关国际标准、规范和条例,如API、ASME等;熟悉管道焊接、安装和检验要求;熟练使用Auto CAD等绘图软件,如有PDS、PDMS 3维软件经验者优先;较强的英语阅读和写作能力,口语优秀者优先。
Experience in onshore and offshore steel structural design, static and dynamic analyses, foundation design and material take off Familiar with international standards, codes and regulations, such as API, DNV, AISC.

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11. 姓名 XX 性别男民族汉籍贯上海松江出生年月 1987.6 政治面貌群众家庭地址上海市松江区谷北小区XX号XXX室联系电话 XXXXXXXX XXXXX 身高 176cm 体重 56kg 身体状况良好专业物流设备与自动化学历大专 E-mail XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 教育经历 1.2005.9 —2008.7 上海海事大学物流设备与自动化专业学习 2.2008.9 —至今上海交通大学机械设计与自动化专业学习主干课程机械制图CAD,机械设计基础,工程力学,电力电子,材料与加工工艺,供配电,电机与拖动基础,电力拖动控制系统电子技术,自动控制理论,可编程控制器,计算机控制技术应用,专业英语大学英语,电路,液压与汽动技术,数控编程,电器识图等技能特长 1。
XX names of the male sex ethnic Han Shanghai Songjiang 1987.6 country of origin, date of birth and political outlook of the masses Family Songjiang District of Shanghai address the North Valley Area Room XX, XXX links Phone XXXXXXXX XXXXX 176cm height and 56kg weight in good health Professional equipment and logistics automation post-secondary education E-mail XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Education and experience 1.2005.9 -2008.7 Shanghai Maritime University logistics and automation equipment professional learning 2.2008.9 - Shanghai Jiao Tong University has with the mechanical design automation professional learning Trunk mechanical drawing courses CAD, mechanical design basis for the mechanical engineering, power electronics, Materials and Processing Technology for distribution, and motor-based drag, drag the power control system Electronic technology, automatic control theory, programmable controllers, computer-controlled technology, professional English College English, circuits, hydraulic and steam moving technology, numerical control programming, electrical appliances, such as knowledge map 1 specialty skills.

12. 教师让学生读点英语材料,就像给孩童吃中药,需要捏着鼻子硬灌下去。
Now most of the students do better in reading and writing English than in listening and speaking.

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13. 教师让学生读点英语材料,就像给孩童吃中药,需要捏着鼻子硬灌下去。
He takes the clock, as he always needs to make allowances for her never being on time.

14. 第三章则通过材料分析了英语学困生的成因。
It also tells about the definition of the slow learners in English study.

15. 材料英语在线翻译

15. 我们的商务英语培训课程材料出自世界上最著名的MBA商务英语——与著名的哈佛商学院合作出版,并使用著名的哈佛商学院案例研究,来帮助职业人士了解更多实用的商务英语和职场英语。
English from the most famous MBA in the world. In addition to specialized Business English textbooks, the Business English course also uses the famous Harvard Business School case study method to help professionals learn about real world business English.

16. 具备较强的英语应用能力,能阅读和翻译一些专业方面的英文材料。
And can master computer; Espectially, I have strong command of English to read and translate some professional English digest.

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17. 现代教育技术的运用,即媒体教学使英语教学方式、教学环境、教学材料、教学模式及英语教师的作用等都发生了巨大的变化。
The use of mulit media for teaching, has made great changes in English teaching: the educating ways, the teaching enviorments, the teaching materials, the teaching models and the functions of English teachers.

18. 材料英语在线翻译

18. 企鹅家族英语利用高质量的多媒体材料和教学资源提供一系列富有创造性的学习活动和练习。
Pingu`s English offers an array of creative learning activities and exercises using high quality, multimedia materials and teaching resources.

19. 材料英语的近义词

19. 英语语言中心一直致力于扩展和开发新的教学材料。我们欢迎有识之士加入我们的团队。
The ELC is expanding and developing new materials all the time, and we are always interested in hearing from people who may like to become part of our team.

20. 这要求我们在备课时尽可能地把这些语言材料放入各种能听、能看、能触摸的情景中去,使学生觉得一节英语课上学到的不仅有少量单词或一小段对话,还有一些能在许多场合用得上的富有生气的语言材料。
Furthermore, we need weaken classroom consciousness and plan life linguistic environment, like borrowing stationeries, greeting each other, asking ways, going to school, coming back home and faring well and so forth.

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