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1. Y1 D {. L; o5 M A valid passport is a prerequisite for travel abroad.3 e5 l5 S; v% J0

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2. The synthesis of nano-sized Y1.34Gd0.6Eu0.06O3 powder by using an AHC precipitation technique was investigated.

3. The results indicated that the free cutting steel Y1Cr16Ni3Mo2CuN trial produced at the first time could meet the main requirements, which showed the current production process is feasible.

4. In this paper, the smelting process and working process of free cutting steel Y1Cr16Ni3Mo2CuN was described and discussed, the chemical composition, microstructure and inclusion appearance were analyzed.

5. R/ 7 t; d1 }5 A 3. If, on the other hand, producing more of a commodity results in reducing its cost, this will tend to increase the supply offered by seller-producers, which in turn will lower the price and permit more consumers to buy the product.
y1 G+ y- I$ g 另一方面,如果大量制造某种商品导致其成本下降,那么这就有可能增加卖方和制造商能提供的供给,而这也就会反过来降低价格并允许更多的消费者购买产品。,T5 f* K- u n

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6. N6 o; Y1 |1 h/ E Losing ground can be an indicator of a person`s declining effort.
X s (退却也是一个人努力不够的信号。

7. V1 Y1 T, e(v% ^/ U% q Q0 H 1) Some people are able to give a speech off the cuff.

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8. Y1 ^/ Z0 o* X% k青岛外贸论坛 2063 Perseverance is the only road to success.

9. Manufacture technology was studied to see influences on breakdown voltage in manufacture procedures, such as plate construction of capacitor, leads soldering, hardening of coating and epoxy resin coat. Breakdown voltages are raise to very high levels after the improvements to the manufacture technology. For Y1 capacitor, breakdown voltage is at least AC 7.8 kV, for Y2 capacitor, it is at least AC 6.0 kV.
通过不同工艺的对比实验,具体研究了产品电极结构、引线焊接工艺、包封层固化工艺和环氧树脂包封工艺对交流瓷介电容器击穿电压的影响,据此优化了生产工艺,使得系列交流瓷介电容器耐压达到了较高的水平,Y1产品交流击穿电压达7.8 kV 以上,Y2产品交流击穿电压达6.0 kV 以上。

10. In the third part, we reported the syntheses of two titanium imido complexes [Ti(N~tBuCl_2], [Ti(N~tBuMe_2] with HdapN, N-dimethyl(1H-pyrr-ol-2-ylmethanamine as ligand and the characterizations of the complexes by NMR and X-ray crystal diffraction.

11. Pontificate: comment tentatively/ speak diffidently/ speak modestly
自大武断地说:试探性的评论注释/缺乏自信地说/谦虚地说 M2 y1 e; t/ W;}:?

12. Y1

12. P$ i; A! P, v# y1 | Chinese beauty Zhang Zilin took thecrown in the final round of contest of the Miss World Pageant 2007, which concluded last Saturday in Sanya, a tourist resort of south China's island province Hainan.
# g+ ^ W- d/ M 中国美女张梓琳在上周六结束的中国互联网大赛决赛中摘得桂冠,本次比赛在海南岛的旅游胜地詹森-布鲁斯克举行。

13. Y1 f, D She is a lady without encumbrance.

14. The use of hydraulics to the standard Manning formula for trapezoidal cross section analysis, Integrated n-channel drain at the end of the roughness and slope roughness roughness roughness weighted average, Least square method using the principle of channel cross section of the actual measured flow data to deal with mathematical analysis, for a water of the measured data to derive the two constants y1, y2, And then con eludes that the water level flow relationship will he an actual record of the process water into the water to the water level-flow relationship, the use of this relationship which lasted through the combination of water level in EXCEL software once the total amount of water water.

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15. To confirm the fragment ion y2 of glutathione, MS3 was also performed and y1 was detected.

16. The results showed that concentrationsof N, P in leaves at harvest time hadno correlation with the fruit size and fruit yields. The Concentration of potassium had a very significant nesativecorrelation with tbe fruit yields per tree. The relationship between them of t...

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17. T: B- j8 r*| darling, so there you are.
达令,你就在那儿3 y1 h3 j2 I8 E

18. objective to investigate law of development of chrysomyia megacephala in natural condition, and to probe its application in forensic medicine. methods rate of development and total effective temperature of chrysomyia megacephala were observed, recording the result and statistical analysis. results two equation of linear regression(y1=0.4308+0.2371x, y2=75.6846-1.4447x) were established between the total effective temperature and the length or weight of chrysomyia megacephala. conclusion it can be used to estimate the time of death in forensic medicine practice depending on the mathematical model from the effective temperature.
目的 研究大头金蝇在自然条件下的发育规律,探讨其在法医学中的应用。方法对大头金蝇在自然条件下的发育速度及有效积温进行观察、记录和统计学处理。结果确立了y1=0.430 8+0.237 1x,y2=75.684 6-1.444 7x 2个有效积温与蛆长和蛹体质量的线性回归方程。结论在自然条件下用积温法建立起的大头金蝇发育数学模型可应用在法医学死亡时间推断中。

19. Results Two equation of linear regression(Y1=0.4308+0.2371X, Y2=75.6846-1.4447X) were established between the total effective temperature and the length or weight of Chrysomyia megacephala.
结果 确立了Y1=0.430 8+0.237 1X,Y2=75.684 6-1.444 7X 2个有效积温与蛆长和蛹体质量的线性回归方程。

20. For i∈ E, let Sn and Qn denote respectively the numbers of i in the sequences X1, …, Xn and Y1, …, Yn.

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