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1. 在你爬上了1,000多英尺高的保留着原始风貌的小山后,你会本能地去寻找水源。
But from the top, there's

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2. 他们发现,到处更顽固反对欧洲文化比犹太教的正统,因为他们本能地感到自由的批评是更危险的,以神秘主义的addiim比talmudic决疑论和走过场,形式主义。
They showed everywhere a more stubborn opposition to European culture than did rabbinical Orthodoxy; for they felt instinctively that free criticism was more dangerous to the mysticism of the addiim than to Talmudic casuistry and ritualistic formalism.

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3. l 掌握差异化销售中,如何更多地避免和进一步降低影响绩效的本能和习惯;如何在沟通中有效地扩大化,严重化;强化引导技能,快速找到对大客户最有影响力的环节,修炼把握客户需求最真、最多、最深的要领
L Master the concept of differentiation sales and know how to avoid and decrease the instincts and habits unconducive to work; know how to amplify one point in sales effectively; strengthen the facilitation skills, quickly find out the most influential steps for key customers and know more, truer and deeper about customer needs

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4. 凯瑟琳抬头望望,本能地将她的手举起放到她脸上:有他在邻近,疼痛的感觉又复苏了。
Catherine looked up, and instinctively raised her hand to her cheek: his neighbourhood revived a painful sensation.

5. 一方面她力图挣脱传统的束缚,追求本能的快乐,自由和生存;另一方面,她又时时受到社会规范的影响,甚至还不自觉地坚守着传统的价值观念。
On the one hand, she sought to cast off the traditional shackles and pursue the instinct pleasure, freedom and survival; on the other hand, she was also constantly affected by social norms, and even unconsciously adhered to traditional values.

6. 画像的美丽使亨利对道林产生了浓厚的兴趣,他迫切地想与道林结识,而贝西尔则千方百计的加以阻挠,他害怕亨利把道林从自己身边夺走,正如超我想控制自我,想让自我摆脱本能的冲动一样,不被本我影响。
Portrait of beauty so that Henry Dowling had a keen interest in him urgently want to get acquainted with Dowling, and the贝西尔seek to obstruct him Daolin Afraid Henry put him away from our own, as I want to control super - self, you want out of an instinctive impulse of self, free from any influence of the ME.

7. 技巧四--假动作:冲上前去,重刀,对方以为这是真的,在下刀一瞬间后跳,敌人本能地冲上来,抓住时机,一重刀,毙命。
Four skills - feint: rushed forward, re-knife, theother thought it was true, the next moment a knife after the jump, and instinctively rushed to the enemy, seize theopportunity and a heavy knife, killed.

8. 六月再一次本能地在霜冻和尝试从任何一个迷途的粗石遮蔽他们的医生之前丢她自己。
Jun again instinctively threw herself before Frost and the doctor trying to shield them from any of the stray rubble.

9. 他本能地停住脚,让她先出门下去;无意问瞥见短发之下袍领之上的一段脖子,圆圆的,腻腻的。。。。。。
He halted in-stinctively to let her out first, and glanced casually at the smooth, rounded neck between the bobbed hair and the collar of hergown....

10. 通常我们都会本能地想到我们生活节奏越来越快,压力越来越大
Generaly we think of it in terms of even more hurry and stress in our lives.

11. D三纹鱼挤晒出离,直接而且毫不含糊地激发我人类的本能和欲望啊!
Considering god loves me so much, i need to love myself. so i prepare my dinner to reward myself.

12. P 我本能地想咽了一口口水,然而口里却是干的。
I gulped, but my mouth was dry.

13. 喝血的兽性,号饥觅食的饕餮,有爪有牙专为饱肚子而生存的本能,惊惊惶惶地望着嗅着那个在殓尸布下披着颤抖的宽大殓衣徘徊或伫立着的无表情的鬼脸,这些鬼脸看来好象在过一种可怕的阴间生活似的。
Blood-drinking bestiality, voracious appetites, hunger in search of prey, the armed instincts of nails and jaws which have for source and aim the belly, glare and smell out uneasily the impassive spectral forms straying beneath a shroud, erect in its vague and shuddering robe, and which seem to them to live with a dead and terrible life.

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14. 当食物吃起来像图书馆里的浆糊,也许人类的本能会使他不断地吃下去,不知不觉地希望最终能满足灰心失望的味蕾的渴望。
When food has the flavor of library paste, it may be the instinct of mankind to go on eating in the unconscious hope of finally satisfying the frustrated taste buds.

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15. 当食物仅只是一连串看上去漂亮的菜肴,嚼上去如煮马粪纸,尝起来像图书馆里用的浆糊,也许人类的本能会使他不断地吃下去,不知不觉地希望最后终能满足灰心失望的味蕾那永恒地渴望。
When food is merely a pretty cascade of viands, with the texture of boiled cardboard and the flavor of library paste, it may be the instinct of genus homo to go on eating in the unconscious hope of finally satisfying the ageless craving of the frustrated taste buds.

16. 但是,非常认真地对待,这是不言而喻的人生;鼓主要本能是真实的。
But very seriously, it goes through life; the drum major instinct is real.

17. 这个论点也许意味着:一方面是精虫的生殖本能276,另一方面是被动因素那巧妙地选择的体位即卧在下面受胎277之间的协力大自然喜用的方法之一。
This would be tantamount to a cooperation one of nature s favourite devices between the nisus formativus of the nemasperm on the one hand and on the other a happily chosen position, succubitus felix, of the passive element

18. 强制;从事;巨大的;确保;妒忌;必不可少的;极端地;开发;轻松,舒适;精打细算的;优雅,文雅;消除;尴尬;投资;提出,暗示;不可缺少的;个人的;不可避免的;传染,感染;比……差的;无限的;通货膨胀;影响;有影响力的,有权势的;想象;模仿,发生;广大的,巨大的,无限的;影响,冲击力;暗示;强加;印象深刻;询问;倾向于;敌对的,好斗的;卑微的;忽视;举例说明,描述;瞬间的,片刻的,速溶的;直觉,本能;科研机构,研究所;说明;侮辱,责骂;买保险
Donation dominate domestic divorce diverse disturb distress distinguish enforce enormous ensure envy essential exceedingly exploit; Ease economical elegant eliminate embarrass invest; Indicate indispensable individual inevitable infect inferior infinite inflation influence influential; Image imitate immense impact implication imply impose impress inquire incline; Hostile humble ignore illustrate instant instinct institute instruction insult insure; Halt handle harmoney harsh haste hatred hazard heal hesitate

19. 过去,多数研究人员倾向于人类本能地利用某种方式储藏自己已形成的记忆:一个位置储存一个项目,像图书馆一样,设有多重交叉参照的功能。1930年代,加拿大神经外科医生怀尔德潘菲尔德(2)通过一系列著名的精彩实验,彻底揭开了每个记忆存放在大脑中唯一位置的实情。
In the past most researchers leaned toward the method humans intuitively use for their own manufactured memory stashes: a single location for each archived item, with multiple cross-referencing, such as in libraries. The strong case for a single location in the brain for each memory was capped by a series of famously elegant experiments made by Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon working in the 1930s.

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20. 他站起来,摇摇晃晃立在这幽闭的暗黑之中,打开双臂以保持平衡,而脑袋却在本能地计算。
He rose and stood tottering in that cold autistic dark with his arms outheld for balance while the vestibular calculations in his skull cranked out their reckonings.

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