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1. 589

1. Commencing in April 2006 and being completed by mid of 2008 will be 230, 158 square feet.
主楼的总楼面面积约 417,589 平方呎。行政附楼的重建於二零零六年四月展开,并於二零零八年年中前完成,总楼面面积将为230,158 平方呎。

2. Theoretical study and simulation of 589 nm radiation generated by sum frequency generation of 1064 nm and 1320 nm lasers is analyzed in this thesis, which is important for high efficient sum frequency generation experiment in the future.
本论文主要内容是研究1064nm 与1320nm 激光通过和频产生589nm 钠黄光的理论研究和数值模拟计算,为今后开展高效和频实验研究奠定理论基础。

3. According to the test by National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the content of protein in white king oyster mushroom reaches 14.7%, while that of lysine is 589mg per each 100g, that is about 3 or 4 times higher than other mushrooms.

4. One-line length of 351.589 kilometers in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, north, south Zhejiang and Fujian at the junction of tapping off, running through the city of Ningbo, Haishu, Jiangdong, Yinzhou District, and Fenghua, Ninghai County, Taizhou Sanmen County, Linhai City, Huangyan District, Luqiao and Wenling City, Wenzhou City, Yueqing City, Yongjia County, Lucheng District, Ouhai, Ryan, Pingyang, Cangnan County.
其中浙江省境内线路全长351.589 公里,北起浙江省宁波市,南至浙闽交界分水关,途经宁波市的海曙、江东、鄞州区和奉化市、宁海县,台州市的三门县、临海市、黄岩区、路桥区和温岭市,温州市的乐清市、永嘉县、鹿城区、瓯海区、瑞安、平阳县、苍南县。

5. The third quarter to 589 million yuan current assets, current liabilities 677, 830, 000 yuan for the third quarter, cash generated from operating activities net -8573 million, current ratio was 0.87, 0.47 quick ratio, cash flow ratio to -12.65%, indicating that the company`s lack of short-term solvency.
第三季度五万八千九点〇〇〇万元流动资产,流动负债六万七千七百八十三点零万元第三季度,经营活动产生的现金净额-8573万美元,流动比率为0.87 ,0.47速动比率,现金流量比率-12.65 %,这表明该公司的缺乏短期偿债能力。

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6. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), there was a painter called Zhang Sengyou.

7. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), there was a painter called Zhang Sengyou.

8. 589是什么意思

8. The line had 2, 668, 174 riders in 2006, or 589 more passengers a day.
在2006年,这条线路实现了2,668,174 个旅客发送量,平均每天了发送589个以上旅客。

9. Finally, 668 questionnaires were obtained (response rate was 63.61%) and 589 questionnaires were valid.

10. Rescuers used shovels, crowbars and their bare hands to dig through the rubble of collapsed homes and schools as they raced to find survivors of a severe earthquake that authorities said killed at least 589 people and injured more than 10, 000 in a remote, predominantly Tibetan community in western China.

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11. Plasma concentrations of-enantiomer were found always greater than those of-enantiomer, the ratios of/-enantiomer for AUC and Cmax were 1.589±0.201, 1.458±0.228, respectively, which showed the metabolic enantioselectivity of OPZ.

12. During the period of the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), the Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD), the Three Kingdoms (220-280), the Jin Dynasty (317-420), the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386-589) and Sui (581-618) and Tang Dynasties (618-907), there appeared instruments of Hengchui (like today's bamboo flute), Qiangdi (a musical instrument of the Qiang), Bi, bronze drum and waist drum, etc.

13. A total of 54, 589 health records have been set up in the district.

14. The greatest depth of 589 meters.

15. In Indonesia, co-operatives provide jobs to 288, 589 individuals.

16. Over 589, 213 person-years of follow-up, 329 women developed ovarian cancer.

17. The public health systems were improved step by step. Network report system of epidemic situation was brought into execution in all the medical and health units above town-level so as to control such diseases as measles, lyssa, bird flu and pig streptococcus effectively.

18. Lipids in blood were measured before and after the feeding and the degree and the nature of arterial stenosis were assessd by angiography and pathological observation. The results indicated that TG, TC and LDL-C in model group was higher than that in normal/group (P<0.01). Right carotid artery setenosis (52.36±13.25) and typical atherosclerotic changes narrowing lumen, thickness of intima, proliferation of smooth muscle cells (SMC and formation of foam cell were found in experimental group.(2) model of restenosis, after identifying the sites of stenosis by angiography, we performed angioplasty on the ateries according to the degree of them with different Gruentzig balloon catheters (diameter of balloon: 2.5--3.0mm). The operation was successful in 28 rabbits.

19. MILAN - Sales of season tickets are heading towards 50, 000, with 49, 588 reached so far, bringing in 15, 619, 589.00 euro.

20. Between +420 and +589 as a device to allow several farmers to work at the same quern.

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