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1. Chien Pao-sheng roared through clenched teeth; beads of sweat stood out on his forehead.

2. Obvious laceration and bleeding were seen in the lung tissue surrounding the wound tract. Chest radiology demonstrated increased bronchovaslular shadows. Breathing frequency and lung water content elevated notably early after injury. As time prolonged, PaO2 and SaO2 progressively decreased, PO2 and lung water content increased progressively.
结果 胸部爆炸伤后,100%家兔发生肺冲击伤,60.0%为极重度/重度伤,56.7%出现肺脏碎片伤,周围肺组织可见明显撕裂、出血,胸部X线表现为两肺纹理增粗、模糊,伤后早期即出现呼吸频率明显增加,PaO2、PO2、SaO2均明显下降,肺含水量增加。

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3. Clinical symptoms, chest signs, chest X-ray, time of BiPAP therapy, PaO2, and PaCO2 after the treatment were evaluated.

4. All the patients were treated with Lanatoside C, lasix, nitroprusside sodium and the standard oxygen therapy but were still anoxic. The NIPPV was adopted. In the next 1 hour, the indices of PaO2, SaO2, PaCO2, HR and R were recorded to be compared with those before.

5. After they left the dining room, Fang gave the hairpins back to Miss Pao, apologizing as he did so.


6. After they left the dining room, Fang gave the hairpin s back to Miss Pao, apologizing as he did so.

7. With well-defined molecular weights and structures, PAO can be used to make filling compounds with various additive s that remain integral at extreme temperatures and are compatible with many types of polymers used in cable fabrication.

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8. Images at the Margins: A Collection of Kuo Pao Kun's Plays.

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9. Yang Pao's sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, and great- grandsons were as spotless as pure jade.

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10. Yang Pao's sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and great- grandsonswere as spotless as pure jade.

11. Yang Pao's sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, great- grandsons were as spotless as pure jade.

12. Pulmonary function in Group C was better than that in Group B but worse than that in Group A.
两组肺灌洗犬灌注中、后控制呼吸至伤后10 h,PaO2均不低于9.33 kPa(FiO2=0.4)。

13. The Central Committee of the Party was then in Pao-an and our political influence could be considered very great indeed, but the counter- revolutionaries in this village obstinately refused to surrender

14. However, on an international level, PAO demand continues to grow at a rapid pace.

15. However, since Cheng often deposes against Pao, misunderstanding and conflict grow between the two.

16. The Hong Kong newspaper Cheng Pao reported that a resolution passed at the 10th CPC party congress of the PLA Air Force in May 2004, included conclusions on the strategic positioning of China`s air force. The air force should be a strategic air force, capable of operations in all aerial territories and long-range response.
同时,2004年5月在中国人民解放军空军的第10 次中国共产党党代表大会通过了一项决议,包括确认成立战略性中国空军以及明确它的任务的报告,空军应该是战略性空军,在全天候和全领空都能行动以及长程的干预。

17. The blood lactic acid concentration increased slightly after ANH. Conclusions:①The suitable general anesthesia does not interrupt the compensation of CI after ANH, on the contrary, the inhibition of general anesthesia can reduce cardiac and systemic oxygen consumption.②Because of low hemoglobin after ANH and high PaO〓 after general anesthesia, the proportion of solved oxygen delivery in DO〓, and the maximal proportion of solved oxygen delivery for VO〓 increased significantly.

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18. Zinc diamyl dithiocarbamate antioxidant showed good synergism with antimony diakyl dithiocarbamate antiwear additive in improving the oxidation stability of modified soybean oils. The incipient oxidation temperature and induction period time of genetically modified soybean oils were improved significantly by adding polyalphaolefin and additives, and they were even better than that of the synthetic base oil PAO with the same additive formulation.

19. To 0.96. Conclusion Intravenous drip of the oxygen enriched liquid effectively helped cor rect the hypoxemia of SARS and other infectious diseases cases by bypassing thediseased alveoli through which oxygen would not pass into the blood by conventio nal oxygen inhalatio n.
89变为0。96。结论对SARS和艾滋病等感染性疾病患者的低氧血症,常规气道供氧有时难以奏效;静脉输氧能够迅速提高PaO 2,可作为感染性疾病严重低氧血症的综合治疗措施之一;尤其是静脉输氧绕过了SARS患者弥散功能障碍的肺泡,有助于此类患者的抢救。?

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20. Aeruginosa PAO1 strain, motility assay showed that PAO1PA1822 mutant deficient in twitching, while PAO1PA0171 mutant loss the ability of twitching and swimming.

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