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1. This is engraved on the door: the net flow of liquor for the Huguang Li!

2. Huguang

2. For the lusheng by Dong Dangan; and for the horse-headed zither by Xin Huguang.

3. For example, the present Huguang Assembly Hall was once the Ming Shou Fu Zhang Juzheng home, Qing Dynasty, Ji Xiaolan also live here.

4. Huguang的近义词

4. Beijing Museum of Drama and Opera is located in the Huguang Guild Hall.

5. Huguang Guild Hall is the best place to enjoy Peking Opera.

6. In this paper, the unique burial customs and religious beliefs, as well as the confluence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism will be Explained in combination with the historical documents which also demonstrate that the tomb owner was immigrant from Huguang province.


7. The Capital Theatre and the Chang`an Grand Theater will be upgraded; the Jixiang Theater and the Xidian Theater will be rebuilt; and the traditional theaters in southern Xuanwu district, including the Anhui Hall Grand Opera Tower and Huguang Hall, will be reconstructed and refurbished.

8. This is Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing, the largest ancient guild hall complex in China.

9. Following the discovery that smallpox inoculation protects people from smallpox, the technique spread throughout the Jiangxi, Huguang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong regions.

10. A team of Chinese and German palaeoclimatologists analysed material from Lake Huguang Maar, a natural sediment trap in Southeastern China.

11. Inside Huguang Guild Hall, each house is equipped with stone vats with large volume of water and various shapes, simple and solemn, peculiar and flexible.

12. Yu King Palace is the largest ancient architecture in Huguang Guild Hall, with sacrificing and worshiping area, meeting hall, sitting hall, guest houses and kitchen.

13. Huguang

13. Hubei is a very typical agriculture province in the middle area of China; " Huguang ripped the country is enough " summarizes the Hubei province agriculture important status in China.

14. To us, Huguang Guild Hall is the cultural treasure, the memory of the city, a forever temptation, and a everlasting historical legacy.

15. The Yuan Dynasty Hubei's southeast area with Hunan, Guangxi is divided into the Huguang province, clear Kangxi six years changes Hubei Province, have followed until now.

16. Huguang的翻译

16. Nevertheless, watching the opera and drinking tea has become an important cultural experience in Huguang Guild Hall.

17. Baaed on the beginning, style and development of the assembly hall in Chongqing, this article discusses connotation and arts of Huguang assembly hall.

18. The wave of migrates " Huguang people fill Sichuan " lasted for nearly 200 years.

19. Huguang是什么意思

19. Huguang Guild Hall is an important building complex at the center of the City Chongqing with high historical and cultural value.

20. Its stage language crasises Zhongzhou rhyme, Huguang sound and dialect of north of Hunan together.

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