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1. Zippo是什么意思

1. He was in fact my first encounter with the Chinese trick scene.

2. Zippo

2. Every day, trucks deliver the large coils of brass and other materials we use to build Zippo lighters.

3. Afterward, there was a one a message that says: Air Force pilot Daniel in San Francisco area, the use of the flame of a Zippo lighter distress signals, and to guide the flame of the Coast Guard helicopter landing quickly found their positions and security were rescued.

4. Now the zippo experience can be enjoyed in a new way with the zippo butane gas lighter the next step in the evolution of the perfect flame.

5. More than 70 years ago, the first Zippo windproof lighter was made in Bradford, PA.

6. Outdoor activities, whether good or bad weather, Zippo can help ignite campfire, sumiyaki furnace, but also as a flashlight to help find the stolen property or routes, emergency use of fire for more distress signals.

7. Zippo的反义词

7. With a global brand awareness of 94%, Zippo customers are as dependable as our lighters.

8. 911查询·英语单词

8. There wasn't a lot of money lying about then, but he went to everybody to get the money to launch Zippo Manufacturing Company.

9. So much so that Zippo has become an exception among consumer packaged goods.

10. Since 1932, zippo has been producing the world's quintessential windproof lighter.

11. The boy muttered something and threw a green zippo at his sister.

12. Tejiatechnology Co., Ltd. was located in Tianhe district of the guangzhou central, and one of the biggest industry production factory in the southern of internal, we are a company specializing in research, production and sale of advertising consumable, and have zippo advertising consumable of product, equitable price, stable property, guarantee product quality and improve after-sales service.
简 介 特佳科技有限公司座落于广州天河区,是本行业目前国内最具规模的企业之一,公司专业从事广告耗材研发、生产、销售,拥有最全的广告耗材产品。价格合理,性能稳定,保证售后服务。

13. Zippo的解释

13. The laser engraving also matches the three-dimensional antique brass medallion that was featured on Zippo`s D-Day 50th Anniversary commemorative, thus linking these two D-Day anniversary editons.
虽然是激光雕刻,但它同样符合了在Zippo D-Day50周年纪念时特别采用的3d古黄铜圆形图案,这是这两款纪念D-Day系列打火机的相互联系。

14. Zippo的意思

14. Already. overseas Zippo distributors have opened a few stores in China. South Korea and the Philippines.

15. In 2004. Zippo bought the Italian company for an undisclosed sum. party to settle the brand dispute.

16. Hao Xiaozi, now the firm is confirmed ZIPPO superior performance of the time!

17. A previously shuttered RD program, wildfire is a tactical nuke crossed with a Zippo lighter.

18. The Zippo Wolf Black Ice Pocket Lighter makes an outstanding collectors piece or everyday tool.


19. For 78 years, Zippo Manufacturing Co. has been known for its windproof cigarette lighters, which are fashioned from brass and chrome at a factory in this northwestern Pennsylvania town of 8, 400 people.

20. Zippo的意思

20. Finally, this paper studies the evolution of fire apparatus in design, and separately introduces the historical background of the lighter and the torch. It makes case study by ZIPPO lighter and the Chinese Olympic torch, two classic fire apparatus.

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