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1. The curative effect on the treatment group was superior to the comparison group. Conclusion The combined use of acupuncture and PNF skill have marked and excellent effects on facial palsy.


2. Abstract] Objective To observe the efficacy of acupuncture therapy and PNF skill on facial palsy. Methods One hundred cases were randomly divided into 2 groups:53 cases in treatment group treated by combined use of acupuncture and PNF skill, 47 cases in control group underwent medication.
摘要] 目的观察针刺结合本体感受性神经肌肉促通技术治疗面神经炎的临床疗效方法将100例病例随机分针刺结合PNF治疗组53例和对照组47例。

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3. The PNF-R2 concrete antirust waterproofing agent application in reinforced concrete Experimental Research of Removing Algae by Enhanced Coagulation with Composite Polymeric Aluminum Chloride

4. The rate of primary nonfunction was 100% in control group, but was decreased to 50% when recipients loaded with normal saline (P < 001).

5. Results ① Islet graft primary nonfunction did not appear in any diabetic rats within the 4~7 days after injection of STZ, but appeared in all recipients without normal saline loading 9 days later after injection of STZ (P < 001).

6. Objective To observe the effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and acupuncture on intractable facial paralysis.


7. Methods: MTT assay was used to evaluate the inhibiting effect of Cordycep s extract on the p roliferation of colon cancer cells1 Report Gene was used to evaluate the relative NF-κB activity of the SW480 cellswhich were transfectd by pNF-κB.

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8. We use PNF stretching which is a combination of passive stretching and isometric contractions designed to increase flexibility more rapidly.

9. Also, it is observed that implementing 10 weeks of static or PNF stretching routine lead to a improvement of flexibility. However PNF stretching is more effective than static stretching.

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10. Treatment of Metatarsus Plantarflexion Following Stroke by TENS and PNF

11. Remedial Effects Research of PNF Stretching on DOMS of Triceps Surae after One-Time Eccentric Exercise

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12. Conclusion PNF combined electrical acupuncture therapeutics can alleviate GBS patients'degree of disability and increase their self-care ability.

13. Results: PNF developed in childhood generally and often occurred at head and neck, limbs and trunks.

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14. The impact of PNF stretch time on the joint ROM and the muscle strength was studied.

15. Overview on the PNF to Develop Flexibility and Preventing Sport Injury

16. This paper discusses some issues in nested relational databases, which mainly include the e-valuation on two normal forms PNF and NNF, missing information and the conversion form flat rela-tional schema to nested relational schema.

17. A study of the application of PNF techniques in clinical rehabilitation

18. The Effect of PNF Stretching Training on Cyclists'Strength and EMG Parameters

19. Primary nonfunction of transplanted liver 1 case;

20. The adsorption of tannin by gelatin immobilized on PNF was studied in this work.

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