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三年级英语演讲稿3分钟Hello everyone. My name is XXX.

Today I am so happy to be here to introduce myself.

I am now studying in XXX primary school in my X(first,second...) year.

When I am in school, I can learn a lot from teachers 三年级英语演讲稿3分钟and make friends with my classmates.

That's great for me!

When I am out of school, I like to help my Mum with food shopping and housework.

Of course, I also like to play with my good friends after class.

My hobbies are doing all kinds of sports, reading books and watching TV.

My favourite sport is XXX(例如,badminton).
我最喜欢的运动是玩XXX (例如:羽毛球)。

My favourite book is called XXX(例如,One Story Everyday).

And my favourite TV programme names XXX.(例如,Kids in the family)

I love my family and I love my life.

I love English.

I hope I can learn more about it and tell everyone more about myself next time.

Thank you!

  The collision and circulation of culture〔关於奥运の英语演讲稿〕2008-07-26 16:09One is the western culture that breeds Greek; the other is the Chinese culture, which has over 5,000 years’ history. In 100 days, when the Olympic Torch is lighted in Beijing, the two different cultures will circulate. The Olympic culture will have thicker civilization for absorbing Chinese culture, and the modern Chinese culture will be more contemporary. It shows a wish that wants to be known and accepted.

The collision and circulation of a fantastic culture perhaps is a chance that can’t be seen even in thousands of years. Although in this collision and circulation, there is hard to avoid misunderstanding, misconceive and even hostility, no one can obstruct its obit and trend.

The Olympic Game in Beijing in 2008 is not only a grand meeting of people, but a grand action of culture as well. The world culture will be full of vim and vigor for the joining of Chinese culture. Both Chinese people and the world people will be the founder and the profiteer of the Olympic Game.

Now, china is watching the Olympic and holding the Olympic sincerely. While wanting the world to admit us, we are admitting the world, too. On the way holding the Olympic Game, if the international convention is contradictory to the Chinese characteristics, we will resolutely choose the first one, instead of insisting on promoting Chinese culture. It needs sincere, manner and courage. We believe that the circulation of culture needs each other to throw the prejudice, listen more and experience more.

China hold the Olympic Game, is the stage of this old but young country showing the culture, and the stage of promoting comprehension. No matter where you are from, no matter what the color of your skin is, no matter what your religious belief is and no matter what language you speak, you will be welcome so long as being under the flat of Olympic Game.

In 100 days, in the nation stadium ‘bird nest’ that designed by designers all over the world, there will be on opening ceremony, which embodies harmonious, and 205 countries and regions will be here to share a culture feast. There won’t be antagonism and animosity here, there will be only exchange and competition, and every culture will be together and accomplishing ‘One World, One Dream’!

  Good morning!

My name is XX, I come from the XX, I am very nice to meet you.

I like to eat XX, my favorite sport XX.

Blue is my favorite color, so my father bought me a blue bag.

My mother is very beautiful, she often speak to me more interesting story.

I love my home, I am happy to let it grow.


our own planet,earth,is becoming more and more crowded and polluted.hopefully,we can start again and build a better world on mars.first of all,transport should be much better.in a very short time,space shuttles will travel at half speed of light.humans meed food,water and air to survive.scientists hope to plants that can grow on mars.these plants will produce the food and oxygen that we need.however,it is not certain if these plants will be able to produce water .the gravity on mars is only about three-eights of the gravity on earth.humans on mars would have to wear special boots to make themselves heavir.

an exciting basketball match
this afternoon there was an exciting basketball match between our maths and english teachers.
the match began at 5 after class. many students watched the games and cheered for their own teachers. now mr. li, our maths teacher, got the ball. die was just about to pass it to mr. wang, who was under the basket, when mr.zhang rushed up to stop him. mr. li turned swiftly and with a beautiful back-up shot the ball fell into the basket. everyone cheered loudly. i jumped and shouted, even forgetting i'm a girl student.
the match lasted forty minutes and the result was 78:80-the maths teachers won. our english teachers were also glad, and they said the result was not the most important.


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