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1. There is no significant difference among the determining results of DNP-Tween, GDX-102 and ODPN column when they were used to analyze severalsamples, but there is significant difference between ODPN column and magenta sulfurous acid colorimetric analysis and the result of the latter is higher than that of the former.

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2. Small and uniform particles (5-15 um) of GDX 101 resins can be obtained by grinding with a colloid mill and elutriating with a home-made solvent elutriation device.
GDx 101是苯乙烯和二乙烯基苯的共聚物,具有强吸附性能,耐腐蚀,且无流失现象,已被广泛用作气相色谱固定相。

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3. When tachogenerator malfunctioned, abnormal signal would overspeed the machine and damage the mechanical linkage in the automatic speed control system in GDX1, GDX2 packing machines.

4. The interference of alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, esser and sugar can eliminated by a mini-column of GDX-502.The recovery reachs from 98.4% to 101.3% by standard adding method.

5. Methods The organic extracts of output water were sampled with amberlite GDX-120 resin at 5 waterworks and seasonally at winter, spring and summer respectively.

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6. Determination of 1, 4-dioxane in ethoxylated fatty alcohol surfactant series using GDX-103 GC column

7. Surface Modification of Porous Polymer Beads GDX-101

8. In this work, by using GDX-402 porous polymer beads as adsorbent and carbon disulfide as eluent, the conditions for enriching trace chlorobenzene compounds in water were investigated.

9. The Surface Modification of the Stationary Phase of Porous Polymer Beads GDX-101 by the Way of Microwave Plasma

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10. An auto-detecting method for trace water was developed. This method made use of porous polymer beads GDX-403 as chromatographic stationary phase, a 12 bit A/D transformer to transform module signal to digital signal for chromatograph working station.

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11. The homologous series of benzene in water were enriched with GDX-102 resins. The enriched compounds were identified and quantified by double capillary gas chromatography.

12. 911查询·英语单词

12. Retention behavior in nonlinear chromatography & determination of isotherms on stationary phases of GDX-series and its application to qualitative analysis

13. Two chromatographic columns can be switched in the gas way by changing the positions of the six-way valve.

14. Using GDX-103 as fixing phase in packed column and using thermal conductivity cell as detector, All compositions are separated in the suitable condition by temperature program.

15. In order to ascertain the variety of organic pollutants, we enriched the pollutants from the water with dead fish through GdX-501 resin, then analysed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector.

16. Method The analytic materials in specimens were extracted by using GDX 101 porous resin as absorbent and diethyl ether as eluant.

17. A typical mother board section GDX 11 was studied as an example to analyze the die configuration parameters and dimensions of large section.

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18. First, the water sample flows through columns of GDX 502 porous resin, next the column is eluted with benzene, and after that, the eluate, after concentrated with K-D concentrator, is determined by gas chromatography with electron capture detector.

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19. GDX-502 macropore adsorptive resin or C_ (18) small pretreatment column is used to adsorbe and concentrate benzyl chloride in the ground water, benzene is used to elute, the eluent is filled into a chromatograph to be analyzed.

20. A method for the determination of water content in emulsifiable concentrate of pesticide Jingyebao has been studied by gas chromatography on the GDX_102 column.

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